BreeCS is a software package that integrates directly with Paxton Net2 Access Control to give construction sites an easy front-end for administering access control, time and attendance, CSCS cardholders and the Co2 those users produce. BreeCS also integrates with iEvo Reader and CSCS Go Smart enabling a comprehensive approach to the management of all users and deliveries to site.

BreeCS can fully manage the Paxton Net2 database allowing you to add and edit users but with the addition of Co2 Emissions data, CSCS card images, Strike system, iEvo fingerprint support, Pre-enrolment and the ability to export all of this information into a fully compiled html file.

BreeCS has a range of options for showing Co2 Emissions for both users and deliveries to site. Each report shows an interactive pie chart along with a legend showcasing Co2 in KG and an overall percentage. When displaying reports in detailed mode you will also see a list of every user/delivery associated with that report. All reports can be printed and saved in a compiled html format.

BreeCS has the ability to bar a selected user by setting their access level to 'No access' thus preventing site access. We can take this one step further by selecting bar user with alerts and if the user presents a token / fingerprint to any reader a visual alert will be displayed along with the name, location and a picture of this user.

BreeCS also has Time and Attendance built in so you can see who has been on site and how many hours they have worked. You can filter timesheet data via a drop down menu so you only see the data you are interested in. In addition, you can select an individual user or a complete department. All timesheet data can be printed and exported in either CSV or HTML format.

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