What happens when your access control turnstile installation does not have a fire cable present and you want to incorporate this feature without having to run additional cables thus utilising the existing network and relay outputs on your Net2 ACU?

One logical solution on pre v5 ACU's would be to use relay 2 and connect this to your turnstiles fire input allowing free exit, but what happens when you are using Net2 v5 with a Net2 Plus ACU operating in turnstile mode? Well, your turnstile will either accept that both relay 1 (for in) and relay 2 (for out) are both energised and allow free spin in either direction or it will get a little confused, allow one revolution and lock-up until the relays are de-energised and re-energised. Not so good when you have a fire on site!

To rectify this problem I have designed a bolt-on module that consists of 3 relays...

  • PIC Micro-controller based with software-on-chip.
  • When relay 1 on the ACU is energised, relay 1 on the controller is energised
  • When relay 2 on the ACU is energised, relay 2 on the controller is energised
  • When both relay 1 and relay 2 on the ACU are energised (fire condition; via ACU input or Network Instructions from BreeCS) then relay 3 on the controller is energised allowing free exit.

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