Within Net2 there is a dedicated "Add fingerprints" button for iEvo but nothing for Suprema/BioConnect. This hook software addresses this issue by injecting a new "Add fingerprint" button to the "Add user" window.

There is a fair amount of complexity running in the background to make the end user experience as simple as clicking a button!

Due to the nature of this software and the way it finds windows, buttons and handles it is extremely version specific as the slightest change to the Net2 or BioConnect binaries could prevent the hook software from working. With this in mind I have decided to include all the required software within the installer.

I am releasing this software for free under v0.9 BETA. Customer use and feedback will result in newer versions and eventually the software coming out of BETA.

Please note: I am unable to provide technical support for Net2 and BioConnect for this software. If you don't know how to install, setup and use Net2 and/or BioConnect maybe this software isn't for you!

Having said that, if you are competent in the above, have installed the correct versions of Net2 and BioConnect but are experiencing issues with the hook itself not working then I will assist you however I can.

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