Video & Alarm Input / Output Controller was designed so that easy control could be obtained over your CCTV, Intruder Alarm and Security Lighting. You can control PTZ presets, Security lighting & Intruder Alarm reset with SMS notification all via a remote software application or Web App. The Hardware/Software contains the following feature set.

  • PIC Based Controller.
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs.
  • PC Based using the Universal Serial Bus as a data connection.
  • Controls PTZ’s, floodlights, DVR picture flip, I/O to heads and alarm reset.
  • Presets actioned via beams, alarm, software GUI, remote GUI or mobile phone!
  • Flood lights on/off via software GUI, alarm, remote GUI or mobile phone!
  • Alarm can be reset via remote software GUI or mobile phone!
  • SMS to advise on alarm set/unset condition after a reset request was actioned.
  • Alarm reset, floodlights, pic flip & presets can be actioned from anywhere in the world!

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