USB CardKey Free Edition allows you to lock and Unlock your Windows PC using a USB Flash Drive. The program requires no installation and runs on Windows XP/7/8. The Software contains the following feature set.

  • Lock and Unlock your Windows PC using any USB Flash Drive.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Simple USB enrolment procedure.
  • Session log allows simple recall of current events.
  • Tray popup notifications of invalid pins entered.
  • No Installation Required.
  • Terminates task manager when system is locked.
  • No changes to your registry. Settings saved in .ini file.
  • Direct download, no signup required!

Does the program require installation and will it make changes to my computer?
The Free Edition requires no installation and stores all data into a file called settings.ini which will be saved, and read from, the same location as the executable.

Will the program run on Linux or Mac?
No, sorry. The program will only run under Microsoft Windows.

Can I set the program to run when Windows starts?
The Free Edition can only be started with windows if you manually place a link to the executable within the startup folder or the registry. It has no options to do this for you.

How safe is the locking algorithm?
The Free Edition should only be used for home / small business purposes. Although every care has been taken to lock down your machine, a user could perform a Ctrl-Alt-Delete and log off / shutdown. If you have not set the software to run upon Windows start and a user has access to the machine he/she could log in.

What are the limitations of the Free Edition?
Some of the limitations as listed above plus, you cannot save/export the log, you cannot register "User CardKeys", you can only register one "Master CardKey" and once registered you cannot use the same USB drive as a "Master CardKey" on another computer. Doing so will prevent you from unlocking the computer in which it was originally registered on.

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